To optimise resources, any company must be aware of:

- Customer expectations and needs in a rapidly changing environment, in order to focus on the most  important areas

- Customer perception of the company in a number of key areas, to create plans for the development of the organisation and the tools used by the sales organisation

- The competitive position of the company

- How to identify, select and prioritise actions among several potential options

FACTUM provides detailed information on these points under the following headlines:

- Market Trends

- Company Profile

- Development of Company Profile

- Competitive Strength

In addition, effective tools are included in the report to facilitate the planning of actions, based on the results of the survey

Most FACTUM surveys are made annually, enabling the Company to measure the impact of actions taken to strengthen the customers´ perceptions – not least in the light of actions taken by competition during the same period.

This makes FACTUM an important tool for any manufacturer of branded products

Since 1990, FACTUM has conducted Customer Satisfaction surveys in Denmark, and we are today covering several sales channels. In addtion, some surveys are covering Norway and Sweden as well.

In 2005, the surveys were introduced in Finland, and since 2012, FACTUM has been represented in the Czech Republic