Ad Hoc Surveys

FACTUM conducts tailormade surveys, which are typically based on personal interviews with key decision makers in the Trade.

The company determines the areas to be investigated, and the information can be obtained either by face-to-face interviews, phone interviews or by using WEB questionnaires.

Ad hoc surveys provide a very detailed insight into the respondents´ perception of a company, and – more importantly – the reason why.

Ad hoc surveys can also be used when a company is looking for a structured feedback on e.g. customers´ expectations for the future development of a given sales channel or a specific category.

During the years, FACTUM has made several tailormade surveys in different areas and sales channels.

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Export or Sales through Distributors

FACTUM regularly conducts surveys for companies using distributors and/or agents to take care of sales in other markets. 

These surveys give important information on the distributors´ perception of the company as a principal or supplier in a comparison with other companies using the same distributor – thus competing for the scarce resources available locally.

ad hoc (lat. for this purpose, for this specific case), A solution which focuses on a specific problem or task, and which cannot be used for other purposes