FACTUMs core product is the Customer Satisfaction survey, in which the most important suppliers within a specific sales channel and a given category are assessed at the same time.

This methodology enables a company to see the perception of its customers in relation to key competitors. In addition, the report shows the level at which the best-in-class supplier has been assessed.

The information enables the company to effectively plan for future actions in a very concrete and focused way.

A clear and logic reporting format, together with a precise interpretation of the results and interactive tools give a strong overview of the findings, thus making it simple to identify the most critical areas for improving the perceptions of the customers, and to focus the implementation of corrective actions on specific areas and customers.

This is what makes FACTUM an important tool for the phases of planning, implementation and evaluation. 

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benchmarkingbenchmark´), the process of comparing one´s business performance to industry best practices