FACTUM conducts Customer Satisfaction surveys in the following sales channels:

- Food
- Houseware
- Sports Articles
- Consumer Electronics
- Food Service

The surveys are based on measuring the perceptions of professional buyers as well as shops. The areas investigated cover:

- Overall impression of the company and its products
- Logistics
- Category Management
- Sales efficiency
- Quality of contact
- Personal relations

A close cooperation between FACTUM and the Trade guarantees that the surveys have the participation from all important decision makers


The reporting is made in a format, clearly showing the strengths and weaknesses of a company as perceived by its customers. The most important elements of the report are the relative comparison of results between the company and its competitors, as well as the gap between the company and the best-in-class supplier (which sets the level for customer expectations)

FACTUM conducts most surveys annually. This enables a company to measure the effect of previous actions – not least in the light of actions, taken by competition during the same period.

In the Food, Houseware and Food Service channels the surveys are done at central buying level as well as at shop level.

FACTUM is used to improve performance and efficiency by the majority of companies in the sales channels where we conduct surveys.